AN “ARROGANT” clubber broke the eye socket of a hard-working toilet attendant, his third conviction for night-time violence, a court heard.

Kambiz Haghighi launched the attack at Klute after taking his girlfriend into the men’s toilets for sex.

The 25-year-old from Southbourne was jailed for 15 months in front of weeping supporters at Bournemouth Crown Court on Friday.

His victim, family man Godwin Onyeneke, needed an operation and spent three weeks with blood constantly coming out of his mouth, the court heard.

He suffered double vision, eye pains and headaches upon waking.

Haghighi landed two punches in the early hours of September 24 last year.

His defence claimed he had sex with his girlfriend in a cubicle and acted in response to a comment from the attendant.

Stephen Bailey, defending, said: “He has taken what was said in the wrong way in some form of macho protection towards his girlfriend.”

However the prosecution said the attendant had simply pointed out the girl was not allowed inside as the couple came in.

Haghighi, of Grand Avenue, was convicted of inflicting grievous bodily harm without intent following a four-day trial during July.

Passing sentence, Recorder Malcolm Gibney told him: “The victim was a hard-working young man attempting to provide for his family by doing a second job.

“He was doing what was required of him and indicated that it was not appropriate for there to be a young lady in the gentlemen’s toilets.

“Your counsel told me you are a prickly and slightly paranoid young man. I’m afraid my view is that you are an arrogant, aggressive young man.”

Haghighi asked his defence to tell the judge he apologised and was a family man who knew he had a problem.

The court heard Haghighi had a previous conviction for battery in 2006 after punching a doorman.

He was also seen by police to punch someone at night outside a takeaway in Old Christchurch Road, but the victim did not substantiate the allegation. He was however convicted of resisting a police officer and using threatening words and behaviour.

Recorder Gibney noted the pre-sentence report and said Haghighi showed a pattern “which was escalating in seriousness”.