E-FITS have been released of the armed gang members wanted by police over a terrifying knifepoint robbery at a Poole shop.

Brandishing a large knife, they and another male raider burst into Creekmoor’s Co-operative food store, threatened staff and made off with cash.

The masked men, who struck at around 6.50am on Wednesday, August 17, left the scene in Creekmoor Lane in a getaway car, towards Longmeadow Drive.

Detectives hunting for the culprits have released e-fits of two of the raiders.

Maureen Clarke lives nearby and walks to the shop to buy a paper every weekday.

The resident of six years said: “I’ve always thought it was quite a nice area. You don’t expect anything like this to happen.

“I came up here for my paper and there were police officers standing in a group talking.

“No one came and told us what was going on. Even the staff didn’t know anything.”

Other than spots of vandalism, she felt Creekmoor was very safe and quiet.

“It’s scary to have something like this on your doorstep,” Mrs Clarke added.

Creekmoor resident Anne Gold said: “It’s horrible.

“We don’t usually get many problems around here. Something like this makes you think more carefully when using the cashpoint.

“I always do look around to see if anybody’s around before I take money out.

“It’s a shame, but as long as nobody was hurt it’s not so bad.”

Sam Dedman, from Creekmoor, said: “Lots of people are talking about the robbery.

“I think this has got people a bit spooked.”

A Co-operative spokesman said staff were unharmed but badly shaken by the drama and the company is reviewing its store security.

Call Dorset Police in confidence on 01202 22 22 22, or the Crimestoppers line on 0800 555 111.