HOLLYWOOD movie chiefs have swooped to snap up the amazing story of an island girl who plays music for animals.

Hannah Titania Middleton, who spends much of her time visiting family in Bournemouth, grew up on a tiny Scottish island watching her mother, Fiona, serenading seals on her violin.

This inspired her to write a children’s book about her early life on the Hebridean island of Islay, where she goes back to join her mum in playing the harp, flute and violin to the animals.

Hollywood film maker Eric Young, who has worked on the TV drama series House and Prison Break, will start filming Hannah’s life story on Islay next spring.

One of the producers will be Gary Foster, who produced Sleepless in Seattle starring Tom Hanks and The Soloist with Robert Downey Jnr.

Eric said: “I first heard about Hannah and her family 10 years ago when I saw a documentary about their work. I thought it was an enthralling story.

“This project has taken a long time to get to this stage but I fell in love with their incredible story and, of course, magical Islay, Scotland’s most beautiful island.

“We believe this film will not only touch hearts, it will let the world know the importance of protecting seals.

“Although I can’t say who we’re talking to about casting, we start filming next year.”

Hannah, 23, said: “I had such a wonderful time growing up, I wanted to share my experiences with other children.

“My sisters Sealy, Iona and I were lucky to have the most idyllic childhood imaginable.

“We spent all our time playing in the woods and mum used to make up wonderful stories about fairies who lived there.”

On playing music for seals with her mum, she said: “They love music and bob in the water, listening intently.

“When people found out what mum was doing, we had TV crews and newspapers from all over the world flocking to see her.”

Hannah recently attended a book signing at Waterstones in Castlepoint, where she dressed in costume and played the harp.

She has also visited and played at Pokesdown Junior School, which her nieces attend.

Her book, A True Fairy Tale, is published by Har Ya’ar Books.