IT IS the sort of thing you read about in books.

A girl from Ensbury Park has become the first to complete the Bournemouth Libraries’ 100 book challenge.

Sophie Harlock-Smith, seven, has managed to read the milestone amount in just six months, winning her a gold badge in the Book Track scheme from Ensbury Park Library.

Her mum, Emma, said: “She’s constantly picking up books. It’s not a case of telling her to read, but almost me telling her when to stop.”

She added: “Both myself and her dad, Ian, enjoy reading so I think that’s probably where she’s picked it up from.”

The scheme was set up back in October 2010 to encourage children to read but at their own pace.

However, when Sophie signed up in January it was a quick and easy task to complete the challenge.

The youngster reads on average 10 books a week, but there just wasn’t enough space to record them all on her library reading log.

Her favourite is The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett, which she discovered near the start of the challenge.

“We do spend quite a lot on books, but because she’s really enjoying reading, of course we’ll encourage her.

She’s got a library in her room at home crammed with books,” said Emma.

Heather Young, children and learning services manager, said: “We’ve been doing the reading challenge since last October.

“These children are reading constantly and then they can come to a library and talk about the plot, their favourite characters.

“One of Sophie’s favourite books, The Secret Garden, I remember reading too, when I was a child.

“I loved the idea of having my own secret garden. It’s just magical.”