LOSING Colehill Library after 37 years feels like the death of a family member to residents, says the chairman of its Friends group.

Since last week’s decision by Dorset County Council to pull the library’s funding, the “devastated” community is torn between mixed emotions of anger, disbelief and puzzlement, Derek Henderson said.

He says it “defies logic” to cut off the library, in Middlehill Road, when issues are increasing, classes of schoolchildren visit regularly and the Friends group holds monthly talks.

“The prospect for volunteers to run Colehill library is very thin indeed,” Mr Henderson said.

“All those who have expressed interest most recently have said they wish to ‘help in anyway possible’ but they feel unable to be responsible for organising, financing and managing the provision of their library.

“It is a necessary public service and in order to meet the reasonable expectations of the local community requires professionally competent staff.”

In contrast, West Moors library has been saved – even though it is 1.9 miles from Ferndown library and Colehill residents will have to travel to get books from Wimborne library.