A CHOCOLATE company based in Bournemouth has taken its wares to the world’s favourite entertainment giant.

The Walt Disney Company has started enjoying chocolate-themed team-building events run by Chocolate Delight.

Boss Gerry Wilton said: “This time we’ve been teaching the art of chocolate making to cast members and employees at the Disney University, the official training centre of the Walt Disney Company.

“These events are a great way of building bonds and strengthening relationships while having fun and being creative.

“Delegates are given a business scenario that involves manufacturing chocolate, then developing a package and presentation so they can understand the process of creating a business.”

Disney joins Coca Cola, John Lewis, M&S Money, Microsoft, Tesco, BP, Kellogg’s, B&Q and the Royal Bank of Scotland in using the Bournemouth company for their unusual team-building events.

Charlie Buckland of the Walt Disney Company’s learning and development team, said: “It’s a great way for a team to get together, have fun and learn about the art of chocolate-making.

“You come away with delicious chocolates and a team that is re-energised and ready to work.”

During the chocolate challenge, staff learn about the history of chocolate and take part in a taster session before learning how to make chocolates.

Chocolate Delight also runs chocolate portrait painting classes, chocolate treasure hunts and Belgian chocolate truffle-making workshops.

It also does Apprentice-style events where teams take over a “failing chocolate factory” and have to turn it around.