DON’T shut our library because of overblown repair estimates.

That’s the plea from readers at Colehill Library, which is still being considered for closure by Dorset County Council.

Friends of Colehill Library chairman Derek Henderson believes a £66,050 figure for ‘repairs and maintenance’ may lie behind the library’s position on an ‘at threat’ list.

In fact, he says, £45,000 of this hefty sum is for replacing the library windows in five or six years’ time. And a professional architect approached by the Friends believes the building in Middlehill Road could be double glazed for £17,500.

Mr Henderson said: “He also suggested that there are some less expensive ways of achieving the same end. For this year and the next two the total maintenance sum is only £2,000. The suggestion that the windows will need replacement in five years’ time suggests that either the library has not been adequately maintained in the past, or that there is no intention to do so in the future.”

But internal and external redecorations are listed for 2014-15 and 2015-16, he says, so it won’t be necessary.

Colehill, which saw off closure in 2001, 2004 and 2007, tops the county’s list for hiring the most books to children and issues there are increasing.

On July 21, councillors will choose between continuing to fund 25 libraries or keeping all 34 open and making savings elsewhere. County councillor for the area, Janet Dover, is calling for Colehill to join the 25 given a reprieve, as West Moors library was on Wednesday.

“These figures really need further scrutiny,” she said. “This ridiculous amount of £45,000 is obviously very high upon the officers’ minds.

“Getting options B and D through is better than the alternatives. It’s another step up the ladder, but we will be pleading next month for Colehill to be saved.”