CONTRACTOR ASR still has not agreed details of its return to work on the crippled Boscombe Surf Reef – but has won a new contract to design a reef in America.

The firm will design a “multi-purpose reef” off Ventura City in Southern California to protect the shoreline.

ASR has won the contract, which is only at the design stage, at Oil Piers beach in attempt to allow the beach to renew itself, after a sheltering pier was demolished.

Work on the five million US dollar project would only start next year at the earliest.

ASR’s head of marketing Chris Jensen told the Ventura City Star: “There is no magic button to push in terms of these reefs.”

“There are a number of things beyond a reef that create a wave, most of which are in Mother Nature’s hands, not engineers.”

However ASR’s website says the Ventura City Project will still “create a quality surfing break”.

Bournemouth councillor Ben Grower said of the news: “The council in America would be very wise to speak to us before they sign any contracts.”

The Boscombe reef is not performing as designed, according to an independent expert, and part of the structure has also deflated and broken away, which ASR blames on a boat strike.

The firm and the council have been saying for months that remedial and repair work will begin in the “spring/summer” but details are still not finalised.

Tony Williams, an executive director at Bournemouth Council, said yesterday: “We are aware that ASR continues to seek new business, including the Ventura County project. “ASR continue to give every indication that they are fully committed to the Boscombe reef and we remain in positive discussions with them.”

Chris Jensen from ASR said: “The project in Ventura is still in the design phase and has no effect regarding the allocation of resources that would mobilise to Boscombe.

“The reef in Ventura's primary function has been costal protection. ASR remains in discussion with Bournemouth council to finalise details and is committed to a positive outcome for the Boscombe reef.”