A DEVELOPER has submitted long-awaited plans for a Tesco in Bournemouth, giving a pub manager until Christmas Day before his business is bulldozed.

Hampton Hill Richmond is acting for the supermarket giant over the land around dilapidated shops off Millhams Road in Kinson.

A spokesman said 86 per cent of people questioned in a public exhibition supported the scheme and 82 per cent said it would help them shop locally.

“We have worked very hard with planning officers to produce a scheme which we believe will enhance the whole area,” said managing director Martin Burke.

Tesco has been interested in the site for around 20 years. The developer bought a field behind the shops from a resident, then gradually bought out the leases from the traders.

The developer’s plans include a new supermarket, 230 car parking spaces, and five units for small retailers – which the firm said would create 170 new jobs.

The award winning Royal Oak now faces demolition to make way for the loading bay.

Landlord David Braddock told the Daily Echo: “We want them to put the loading bay at the back but they say there would be too much opposition from the residents there. The lease has a break point on Christmas day.

“They are going to bulldoze us.”

He added: “I personally don’t think Tesco will be good for the area. It will kill off most of the local shops because they will put double yellow lines everywhere.”

But Cllr Mark Battistini, of Kinson North, said: “I think Tesco will be good for the area, Any opportunity to bring employment into the area is a good thing.”