A NEW FOREST horticulturist has gone Gaga over a topiary shoe.

The two-metre high stiletto, created by Tiptoe-based horticultural specialist Agrumi, is a replica of a similar shoe worn by pop star Lady Gaga.

Traders in St Christopher’s Place in London commissioned it after the eccentric pop star stepped out from a shoe shop with a new pair of nine-inch heels. The eye-catching purchase prompted the West End traders to commemorate the celebrity visit with a giant replica of the fancy footwear, which stood as the centrepiece to St Christopher’s Place festival of fashion and flowers.

Agrumi were given just two weeks to create it and chose to use star jasmine instead of the usual box or privet to give a pretty flowering effect.

However, the real problem arose when the shoe, which has a 70cm platform sole and 1.3m slim stiletto heel, was transported to the capital.

But despite a 10-mile tailback on the M25, a confused sat nav and difficulty in manoeuvring the structure through the narrow entrance to the square – while trying to keep the creation fresh and green – the operation went without a hitch.

Stanley Jackson, founder of Agrumi, said: “It was a tall order, but I knew we could do it.

“In the past we’ve designed and built topiary dinosaurs, Ryder Cup golfers, a giant chess set and even a model of HMS Victory, so a shoe was no problem.

“However, the timescale was extremely tight.”