A DALEK has invaded Poole.

But don’t panic – it’s just part of a new interactive game, and K9 is here to protect us.

BA media production student Doug Inman is the brains behind the out-of-this-world Doctor Who adventure which sees players flying the Tardis and picking up parts of the sonic screwdriver in order to rescue the Doctor from the Pandronica.

The 28-year-old Bournemouth University student, who built the 5ft 2in Dalek himself, said: “There’s a physical board on a table with miniature Tardis’s to move around, a bit like Trivial Pursuit.

“Then onscreen there’s interactive dice and players have to face challenges. It’s all introduced by the characters.

“I just wanted to include as many elements as possible to push myself.”

Swanage-based Doug, who hopes to work in television production, began making Daleks seven years ago and has three under construction at the moment.

He uses fibreglass to make the monsters over several months and scours shops for parts. Other model makers use wood or plastic.

“I was brought up on Doctor Who,” he said. “And always wanted a Dalek as a kid.

“When I was seven or eight my dad took me to see Doctor Who being filmed in Warmwell, near Dorchester, and I got to meet Sylvester McCoy. Now I run conventions and have met him several times.”

The final degree exhibition, including films and animation, is on show at Bournemouth and Poole College, in North Road, until Friday.

Programme leader Rob Forrester said: “If Doug’s smart he will push this game. No other Doctor Who merchandise out there has as good a concept and he could make a lot of money.

“We train our students to be good freelancers who can adapt.”

Former pupils have gone on to work on the Harry Potter films.