CAMPAIGNERS for a speed cut on a busy Blandford road have welcomed news that County Hall roads chiefs will reassess their cause.

Residents living near Higher Shaftesbury Road have campaigned for years for a slow down on the busy road, which brings traffic from the north of the town.

County councillor, Barrie Cooper, said funding the speed change would not be an issue.

“It’s something that has raised concerns for the last couple of years, but as the Persimmon development has grown, the level of concern has increased.

“There are more families and children crossing the road to get to schools in the town.

“The county council has agreed to do an assessment. This is a step forward. It will be supported by the local police I’m sure, who have voiced their concerns.”

A Dorset County Council spokesman said: “We have assessed Higher Shaftesbury Lane in the past and, at that time, it didn’t meet the criteria to be reduced from 40mph to 30mph.

“However, we understand that, as the development progresses, local people would like the site to be assessed again.

“Using some funding collected from the Blandford Heights development, we will look at this again. We do not have a date for the assessment, but are possibly looking at starting in May.”

Cllr Cooper said that if the assessment failed to recommend a speed cut the matter would be referred to elected councillors on the Roads and Rights of Way committee.