PLANS for a massive marina set 200 metres offshore from Hamworthy Park have been revealed by Poole Harbour Commissioners.

Proposals for the £20-25 million boat haven with 950 berths include a new home for neighbouring Poole Yacht Club.

Part of the Port Master Plan, the curved breakwater would include some land reclamation, pontoons, a berth for a cruise ship, workshops and a small marine business park, possibly an education centre and the potential to create several hundred new jobs.

Bournemouth Echo: Proposed Poole Harbour Marine Centre

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Jim Stewart, chief executive of PHC, acknowledged the plans would arouse some controversy and local councillors have already reacted to a previous design which leaked out, one describing it as a “monstrosity”.

“We have done our best not to touch Hamworthy Park,” said Mr Stewart.

“Access to the new marina will come through the existing Poole Yacht Club, from the port.”

And PHC chairman Richard Lacey pledged: “We won’t touch one blade of grass of Hamworthy Park.

“There will be no access route across it permanently or during development.”

The proposal would take the breakwater out to the edge of the Wareham Channel and there would be a new public beach along the north side facing the park, where the shallow bay is popular with windsurfers and dinghy sailors.

Poole Yacht Club, which has been on its current site since 1983/84 and has 390 boat spaces, would lose its swinging moorings under the scheme.

“We have a super club now,” said commodore, John Lewis.

However if the commissioners built to the west of them, it would affect the club considerably, he said.

Detailed discussions have been going on for some time and PHC believes they are close to agreement.

Once the committee has approved the plans it will be up to the 900 voting members to decide.

“Hopefully with some enhancement it would be very nice for the members,” said Mr Lewis.

This is just the start of a long process which includes consultation, a lengthy environmental impact assessment and a Harbour Revision Order, and if all goes well it could be five years before the first boat ties up in the new marina.

Mr Lacey said it had been suggested that they should expand Poole Quay Boat Haven. “We don’t think that’s viable, partly for traffic management reasons,” he said.

“Nevertheless the environmental impact assessment will look at that.”