DISGRUNTLED Poole man fed up with a noisy party in the early hours was stunned to discover no one could help him after 2am.

Roy Eveleigh, 38, reached the end of his tether at 2.30am on Monday morning with a party in a property behind his Princess Road home.

He called the police for help – and was directed to environmental health at Borough of Poole, which is responsible for dealing with noise complaints – only to be told that the officers couldn’t attend as they don’t work beyond 2am.

His complaint couldn’t be dealt with until the morning.

“For them to say there are no officers, they’ve gone home, is ridiculous – surely they should at least have one on call,” he said.

“It’s disruptive and ruins your life, even if it is for just one night.

“There are young families and working people around here. If you’ve been kept up until 4.10am and have to get up at 6am for work and can’t call on anybody to help you – it’s ridiculous.”

Mr Eveleigh said ironically he had he’d held off calling as it was the weekend. It was only after 2am – with the noise becoming all the more antisocial – that there was no one available.

Nick Hill, principal officer, Borough of Poole, said there were not many complaints after 2am – which is why staff cover was between 8pm and 2am.

He added: “We would encourage people to log their complaint, which we will always follow up and try to resolve.

“If we are aware of a problem occurring regularly outside working hours, we will put a staff member on stand-by but currently there are no plans to increase cover past 2am.”

A Dorset Police spokesman said they referred noise complaints to environmental health, and would only intervene to enforce an environmental health order, or to deal with other offences associated to the noise making behaviour.