A FRUSTRATED Poole woman said she has been left with “phone rage” after an incredible four weeks trying to speak to the tax office.

Jean Tapping from Parkstone has been trying to request tax records and book an appointment via an HM Revenue and Customs help line since before Christmas.

Although she had tried all hours of the day, up to an hour at a time, she has yet to speak to anyone.

Instead, she is directed by a recorded voice through the various options and menus to speak to an adviser – only to hear a dead-end message which tells her everyone is busy and she must call back later. There is no option to hold on and wait for someone to become free.

“Every single time it says ‘we’re busy, try again’ but you’re on the phone for ages before that incurring charges, without ever speaking to anyone,” she said.

“I don’t have road rage – but I’ve got telephone rage. It’s driving me insane.”

The frustrated pensioner told the Echo she is trying to make the call on behalf of her daughter, who works full time. She had tried herself and spent £22 on calls – without any success.

“The other day I was there for an hour,” added Jean. “I keep trying – I’ve been doing that every day. Until my phone bill comes I’ve no idea what I’ve spent.”

Bob Gaiger from HM Revenue & Customs said they were sorry hear of Mrs Tapping’s problems, and would contact her to arrange an appointment.

He added: “We are in one of our busiest times of the year as we approach the self-assessment tax deadline. We make every effort to give customers an appointment as soon as we can but we would ask customers to bear with us during this very busy time.”