A SINGLE mum with a disabled child was told she would have to pay £60 to replace a stolen wheelie bin.

Natasha Clarke from Bournemouth had her recycling bin stolen overnight from her Springbourne home.

The 31-year-old has sons Oliver, 2, and Patrick, 6, who has Epilepsy, Aspergers syndrome and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

She should have got a new bin for free because she claims certain benefits - but staff told she had to pay £50 and another £10 for delivery She said: "I would probably never even have that much money at once!

"I was told twice there were no exemptions.

"It seems ridiculous. I'm just putting the rubbish outside my back door for the moment.

"The council said I could take the rubbish to a dump in a car, or they would charge for someone to collect it in a van.

"They said the person who took it had probably lost their own bin. They probably took it because it was £60 to get a new one!

"I'm really disgusted.

"I've always worked and paid all my tax until a few months ago when Patrick's mainstream school couldn't cope with him."

Stuart Walters, customer services manager, said: "It appears that unfortunately on this occasion, the customer was given the incorrect information.

"We apologise for the misunderstanding and we will ensure that our team, which includes a number of new members of staff, are reminded of the correct guidance."