SO is it a 30mph or a 40mph zone? That’s the question, but does anyone know the answer?

This is the confusing juxtaposition of speed limit markers that has been baffling drivers as they head into Lytchett Minster from the Bakers Arms roundabout for over a week.

According to Dorset County Council the mishap arose when the speed limit was lowered on August 20 – and drivers should only pay attention to the 30mph sign, which “takes precedence”.

Clear as mud?

Ben Dalton, manager of St Peter’s Finger pub in Lytchett Minster, called the signs and changing speed limits “pretty poor and confusing”.

He added: “There’s a lot of tourists round here as well – it’s confusing even for me and I do the route about 10 times a week.”

Paul Johns, ward councillor for Lytchett Minster and Upton West, said: “I’m very concerned.

“It’s confusing for everyone and needs to be rectified.”

He said it was “ridiculous” to have two speed limits on the same road at the same time, and the public “weren’t to know” which took precedence. A Dorset County Council spokesperson said the strange mix of markers came about when the 30mph speed limit in Lytchett Minster was extended all the way along Dorchester Road back to the roundabout – previously a short 40mph stretch.

He added: “The signs were changed to display the new speed limit but unfortunately, due to heavy rain, our contractors were unable to complete the removal of the 40mph painted roundel, as this requires the road to be dry.

“The old 40mph roundel has been marked with spray paint for removal and will be repainted this week.

“Drivers should take note of the 30mph sign, which takes precedence.”