A HORRIFIED father has told how he saw a fox kill his children’s beloved pet Chihuahua in the garden of their Poole home.

Tiny 3kg Princess was snatched by the fox in broad daylight from a property in Courthill Road, Parkstone.

Hearing her yelp, owner Toby Khanna turned to see the animal disappearing over the fence. He gave chase – but found only his tiny dog’s body.

“She was totally lifeless – there was blood on her jaw where it had her round the neck – it had broken her neck – she was killed instantly,” he said.

“I was surprised by how quick it happened – it was proper predatory.”

The attack comes a few weeks after the incident in London, when a fox entered a house and savaged twin baby girls as they slept in their cots.

Mr Khanna, 38, a full-time carer for his children, said he had been worried about the fox in his garden for weeks after it had chased his dog a number of times.

He had called Borough of Poole and he was told the council didn’t deal with foxes, and was advised to call the RSPCA.

“I wasn’t sure whether or not it would go for one of the kids.

“I was tempted to put some snares up – but I read on the internet it was illegal, as they’re protected.”

Mr Khanna had to break the news on Tuesday to Izzy, his ex-partner’s daughter and half-sister to his children – on her eighth birthday – as well as youngsters India, five, Jake, 13, and Thor, 4.

“I feel sorry for them more than me.

“I think we’ll have to have a little funeral.

“It’s very very sad – she was such a lovely little dog – too brave for her own good,” he added.

Cllr Don Collier, cabinet portfolio holder for the environment, Borough of Poole, extended his sympathies to the family and advised anyone with concerns to take some precautions against foxes such as staying with pets in the garden, or erecting a protective pen.

An RSPCA spokesman said there was “very little recorded evidence” that foxes attacked domestic pets. They advise the “most humane and long-term solution to discourage foxes” is to remove or prevent access to food and shelter, including using barriers, such as fencing or prickly plants, and chemical repellents that are approved for use with foxes.