WIND farm developer Eneco could be deterred from using Poole as a supply port after hearing a “stream of negativity” from leading councillors, it is claimed.

Liberal Democrat councillor Philip Eades fears the Dutch-based company could decide against using Poole as a service port after its representatives were given a grilling by cabinet members at a question and answer session.

But one Conservative councillor has denied the accusation he was negative, saying he was simply doing his job by asking the tough questions that needed to be asked.

In an email to Eneco’s UK managing director Guy Madgwick, Cllr Eades said he was concerned to hear a “damning indictment of the technology and cost of offshore wind” from Cllr Tony Woodcock, a “stream of concerns” from Cllr Ann Stribley and additional criticism from deputy leader Cllr Don Collier.

“I write to assure you that there is another point of view in Poole,” he added. “I, for one, welcome the introduction into the local area of renewable technology and am positive about the benefits it can bring in terms of the environment and to our local economy.

“I do not see the offshore wind farm having a negative effect upon tourism and would urge you not to be put off using Poole by the negative views you heard.”

But Cllr Collier dismissed the claim he was negative, saying he merely raised concerns the Crown Estate might choose to develop more of the site than the 30 per cent Eneco was planning on filling with wind turbines.

He said he also disputed a claim that wind energy was “free energy”.

“It was not negative, it was looking after the interests of Poole, as I should do as deputy leader and portfolio holder for the environment,” he said.

“If Poole becomes the service port, there would be a huge economic benefit and that’s something we’re actively encouraging.

“Eneco are a good company and they gave a very good presentation. They were happy to answer questions, there was absolutely no negativity.”