AN anti-speed camera crusader is urging the new government to crack down on “petty over-enforcement” on the roads.

Ian Belchamber, who set up the Dorset Speed website, has wasted no time in taking his campaign against the devices to transport secretary Phillip Hammond.

In an email to the secretary of state, Mr Belchamber slammed many of the initiatives by the Dorset Safety Camera Partnership (DSCP). He specifically cited the “extreme stupidity” of the controversial “speed on green” cameras at Holes Bay.

Mr Belchamber wrote: “If you want to see how bad things have become, this might be a good place to start. There couldn’t be a better example of misuse of these methods than this. The only outcome has been widespread contempt of the police, the law and speed limits.”

The Dorset Speed website takes the view speed cameras are largely a money-making scheme.

Mr Belchamber insists he is very pro-road safety, but argues speed is not the sole contributing factor in accidents.

“In order to try to deliver accident reductions, our councils are reducing limits to the point where they simply cannot be taken seriously,” he said.

Johnny Stephens, head of fixed penalties for DSCP, said they formed in 2002 to “focus on reducing speed” to help cut road deaths and injuries.

In 2002 54 people were killed and 496 seriously injured in traffic collisions in Dorset.

Last year there were 26 deaths and 352 seriously injured.

He said the speed on green safety camera had been installed in Holes Bay Road as a result of work with the council and residents to identify “local speed issues”. It was installed following measurements that showed the average speed there was 43mph.