A SHOP worker fears she may lose her job because of a “pointless” timetable change that will give her just 60 seconds to change buses.

Julie White, of Shapland Avenue, Bear Cross, is so incensed by Transdev Yellow Buses’ planned timetable alterations that she has written to her MP and to Prime Minister David Cameron.

She currently uses two Yellow Buses to get to work at Sainsbury’s, Castlepoint, changing at the Westover Retail Park on Wimborne Road.

She used to have around six minutes to spare between the two connecting services but, since Sunday, her first bus now leaves slightly later, leaving her with just one minute to change buses.

“I’ve got no chance of getting a comfortable connection,” she said. “I will be on a wing and a prayer as to whether I can make my 8am start at work.

“I just don’t understand why they have to change things, especially when it is by just a few minutes. It can’t make much difference to them but it does to people who rely on their buses.

“They are constantly adjusting their timetables and it really is a pain.

“I cannot keep asking my employer to adjust my work hours, there will come a point sooner rather than later when they will turn round and say I am unreliable.

“I didn’t know where to turn and I am livid about the situation so I decided to go right to the top and write to David Cameron. This is a serious issue now, it affects people’s lives.”

Marc West, Yellow Buses’ planning & schedules manager, said: “The introduction of our summer timetable on June 6 sees various changes, including enhanced services on a number of routes.

“All the details can be found on our website at bybus.co.uk.

“In Mrs White’s case she will be able to change from a 4a to a later 2b bus at her usual location, giving her 16 minutes to spare and still get to Castlepoint for 07.55am.”