CYCLISTS taking a “dangerous” short cut through a shopping precinct face a police crackdown.

Officers have pledged to carry out a series of “mini operations” in Boscombe to clamp down on the problem.

Members of the police Safer Neighbourhood Team in the area will also tackle other examples of anti-social behaviour.

They are taking action following complaints from Cllr Chris Wakefield, who said cyclists riding through the precinct were told to dismount, but not fined for their actions.

He met with Boscombe police and urged them to take action before someone is hurt.

“Sooner or later someone will get seriously hurt, and we have to avoid that at all costs,” said Cllr Wakefield.

“I saw an elderly lady have a near miss and when she said ‘you shouldn’t be cycling here’, the guy stopped and had a real go at her.

“My daughter and I had a close encounter and I’ve seen bikes weaving in between stalls on market days.

“A small minority of people are giving a bad name to normal cyclists.

“I have had discussions with the police and I am expecting the police to take a more robust approach as a result.

“They said they would issue tickets.”

Angus Reid from Boscombe Traders Association: “It’s worse on market days because there’s very limited space, there’s a crowd of people shopping and the cyclists are doing 15mph-20mph.

“It’s an irritant. I know the police do everything they can, I think they just get overstretched.

“I would like to see more cycle racks near the entrances.”