A CHARITY shop volunteer has complained to police that an officer stopped her in the street and told her not to wear her England football shirt.

Tracey Rose, 30, said the incident kicked off when she was walking in Weymouth and a uniformed officer pulled up in his police car to tackle her.

"It’s political correctness gone mad," she said.

She added: “The police car pulled up and the officer said I had to take my England top off.

"I kept asking ‘why?’ and he wouldn’t tell me.”

Miss Rose said the officer told her to go and change but she said she would be late for her volunteer work.

She said the policeman asked her to cover the England badge up when she got to work and she was sent off on her way.

Inspector Pete Meteau, section commander for Weymouth and Portland, said officers have not been advised to tell the public they should not be wearing England shirts.

He has been unable to trace the officer but would be checking CCTV footage.

Dorset Police have made it clear that it is not their advice or policy to stop people wearing football shirts during the world cup. Click the link below for details.