A FURIOUS businessman says he will never let police use his CCTV footage again after they dropped an investigation when he was allegedly hit by a car.

Philip Meek said he routinely gives the police evidence from his cameras including footage of a recent robbery near his shop in Bournemouth’s Wimborne Road.

But when police decided not to press charges against a driver who was in collision with him in the street, despite the incident being caught on CCTV, he vowed not to co-operate any more.

“I can now see why people say they won’t help them,” said Mr Meek, 49, from Ferndown.

“They get use of my system for free but I will never let them have my CCTV again.

“I would rather remove the whole system than hand over any footage.”

The incident happened when Mr Meek’s BMW X5 was parked in a lay-by opposite his store, STB Electrical.

He said the other driver twice tried to pull out and bumped into his car, and when he stood in front and urged the driver to stop, it went forward a third time and hit his knees.

The other driver then reversed on to the kerb and finally managed to pull out, this time forcing Mr Meek to move out near the passing traffic.

Mr Meek said it was two weeks before police took a statement from him.

He said they also did not keep an appointment to interview one of his staff as a witness.

He said an officer later told him there was no point in interviewing the staff member because they would be biased.

“It’s ridiculous.

“I’m not some idiot who makes a living out of causing trouble,” said Mr Meek.

“I run two businesses, somebody had done me wrong and I have got reason to complain.”

A Dorset Police spokesman said: “The matter was fully investigated and a man was arrested and interviewed. “There was no further police action because it was considered that there was no realistic prospect of a successful prosecution.”