Two quarters of last year’s Party in Your Pants tour made a triumphant return to the south coast for Chords’ Shudder Festival on Saturday.

Californian rap rockers Zebrahead and laptop-crunk star MC Lars topped the eight-band bill whose aim in raising funds for Cancer Research embraced a host of genres.

Local favourites The Longest Day and This Fall were among the openers as well as Weymouth-based 8 Days Later and Casiokid, whose beep-rich sound determined a pop punk tone.

Kids Can’t Fly and New Riot, each comprising former members of ska-core specialists Fandangle, were then left to induce a skank-rife frenzy following news of an ill-stricken Orange.

Accompanied by hype man “Deejay”, Lars administered a visually enhanced dose of society-inspired flow.

The duo, joined throughout by various band and crew members, incorporated a whimsical appreciation of British cultural exports as well as the classic Iggy Pop-sampling Download This Song.

Armed with their usual emphasis on crowd baiting, headliners Zebrahead later reeled off a plethora of album tracks and singles alike, including the renowned Postcards From Hell and Rescue Me.

Hits Anthem and Playmate of the Year were met with enthusiasm before the previously Lars-sampled Falling Apart could be heard alongside renditions of Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne.

A superb evening.