THE sister of Hollywood actor Christian Bale has been bankrupted and faces losing the Dorset home she shares with her three children.

But Sharon Bale isn’t expecting the millionaire Batman star to bail her out as they had a big falling out two years ago.

Sharon, 42, had Bale arrested after he allegedly launched a foul-mouthed rant at her at London’s Dorchester hotel, ahead of the premiere of Batman film The Dark Knight in 2008.

Police decided to take no action.

It is thought Bale, who lives in Los Angeles, does not know about his elder sibling’s financial plight.

Sharon, from Corfe Mullen, said: “I feel guilty and terrible. I’ve tried my best to sort things out but unfortunately it’s all failed.

Born in Wales in 1974, Christian Bale was a pupil at Bournemouth School when he landed his breakthrough role in Steven Spielberg’s 1987 film Empire of the Sun (pictured with John Malkovich). Bournemouth Echo: Bale and Malkovich In 1991, when Christian was 13, his parents divorced. While his mother wanted to raise him in Bournemouth, his father David wanted him to be in LA. When he was 17 he moved to California with his father and other sister, Louise.

“I had been on courses and started my own property investment company.

“I’ve made some mistakes and now I'm in financial difficulties.”

She said of her brother: “I have never asked him for money ever and he’s never offered it.”

Her application for bankruptcy was accepted at Bournemouth County Court yesterday but she does not yet know whether she will lose her home.

Their mum Jenny, who has no contact with her son, said: “She’s always tried her hardest to support her family – she’s never been on benefits or asked for money, she just keeps trying to earn a living.

“Her three daughters understand they haven’t got any money.

“They have had to stop their activities like drama and dance.

“Christian hasn’t responded to us at all. All the family in England have sent Christmas and birthday cards to him – even my 86-year-old mother has written letters.

“I always keep in touch with what he’s doing on the internet, but it’s difficult. We don’t have his current phone number.

“Sharon has never, never asked him for money – even if everything was amicable, Sharon wouldn’t ask him for help.”

Sharon, who lives with her daughters aged 14, 12 and three, said her family was heartbroken by the split with Bale, 36.

She said: “Unfortunately we don’t speak any more. It’s totally his decision and it makes us all very sad.

“My mother is so heartbroken that Christian doesn’t talk to us any more, and so is our grandma.”

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