A GOOD Samaritan was outraged after popping into a police station to hand over a lost disabled parking badge – and returning to find a £70 ticket on his car.

Civil servant Richard Stewart from Lower Parkstone, Poole, said: “It’s the last time I will be public-spirited. If I see another disabled parking badge lying in the road, I will ignore it.”

Mr Stewart, 42, said: “I discovered the badge near my home on Saturday afternoon. It was in a wallet with a photograph and details of the loser’s identity so I decided to hand it in to the police.

“I went to the civic offices to discover the police station there had closed. Then I pulled in at the Wimborne Road station but couldn’t find anywhere to park.

“So I went into Poole stadium. It was 10.30am on Sunday. There were no events being staged there except a car boot sale so I pulled up into the lorry and coach area, behind the police station.

“I went in to the station and handed over the badge, giving my details, and returned to my car.

“I was no longer than 10 minutes but there was already a fixed penalty notice. I was furious and plan to appeal.

“What made me even angrier was that both the disabled badge and parking fine had been issued by Poole council.

“I’m going to seek legal advice and will go to court if necessary to fight the charge.”

Borough of Poole parking admin manager Simon Parker said: “We can confirm the council enforce that area and a number of penalty charge notices (PCNs) were issued there on Sunday.

“If Mr Stewart has received a PCN, he has the same right as anyone else to appeal the notice, and can do so at boroughofpoole.com.”