Residents are pleading for a pedestrian island on a busy Poole residential road that is a “nightmare” to cross.

Continual traffic streaming along Penn Hill Avenue means young and old face daily dramas in crossing the wide road – frequently having to stop half-way across.

Now residents have got together to petition Borough of Poole for a pedestrian refuge near Spur Hill Avenue.

“Elderly and young people are finding it increasingly difficult to cross the road safely,” said resident William Mutlow, who along with wife Marianne, organised the petition. “It’s not safe.”

Both are volunteers at Abbeyfield on the corner of Spur Hill Avenue from where residents came out in force bearing a Help Us To Cross banner.

Registered blind Lilian Stubley, 93, said: “I’m afraid to cross the road.” And she gets her friend Ron Jennings, 89, to help her get safely across to catch the bus.

9th Parkstone Rainbows leader Karen Langston said mums often turned up at St Luke’s church hall five or 10 minutes late with their children, because they couldn’t cross the road.

“It’s a nightmare,” said Alison Clifford of Parkstone Avenue, who has three children under seven.

“I can’t stand half-way across with the children.

“Having a refuge would make a huge difference.”

Residents are supported by ward councillor Ron Parker, cabinet portfolio holder for the local economy, who said: “There is a desperate need for this pedestrian refuge to help young and old cross Penn Hill Avenue, particularly as it has become a major east-west route.”

The petition, signed by 144 residents, is due to go before Borough of Poole’s transportation advisory group on Thursday,February 4.