A SPATE of disappearances among Jack Russell dogs has spread to Wareham.

A report in the Daily Echo on Wednesday, January 6, told of the disappearance since November of five of the terrier dogs from addresses in the Charminster area of Bournemouth.

Now Rosina Hughes, 18, has opened her heart to the Daily Echo in a desperate bid to trace the whereabouts of her 13-year-old Jack Russell terrier, Rolo, who disappeared on Wareham common on December 27.

“He was a Christmas present to me and my sister, Kathy, when I was five-years-old. All the kids from around our way know Rolo from when they grew up with him.

“Our other Jack Russell, Roxy, has been really quiet since he went. She’s normally playful but she doesn’t seem happy,” said Rosina.

She has started a Facebook group to try and trace her missing pooch. “Rolo the missing dog” has attracted over 500 members.

Rosina’s mum, Susan Hughes, has plastered the town with posters of Rolo.

“We thought he might have got stuck down a rabbit hole, but after reading in the Echo about the Jack Russells disappearing, we’re starting to wonder.

“We desperately want him back. He’s one of the family. We’ve had him since he was a puppy,” said Susan.

Police have a record of the dog’s disappearance, and wardens from Christchurch to Dorchester have been contacted by the family, to no avail.

Susan said Rolo had been added to a list of five missing Jack Russell terriers held by the PDSA at Castle Lane in Bournemouth.

Head vet, Dr Uwe Holz, told the Daily Echo the list of dogs corresponded with the Echo report of the missing Jack Russells.

If you have seen Rolo, call Susan on 0781 821 6434.

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