A CYCLIST accused of a double assault while weaving along busy Bournemouth promenade has appeared in court.

Nicholas Rowntree, 43, of Market Street, Poole, denies both attacks, which are alleged to have happened a few minutes apart on June 25.

At Poole Magistrates’ Court, yesterday, his alleged victims – Bournemouth seafront manager Chris Saunders and police community support officer Hannah Ward – gave evidence.

Mr Saunders said he had tried to stop Rowntree after spotting the cyclist pedalling “extremely erratically with no hands on the handlebars.”

The seafront boss said he was concerned Rowntree would hit somebody, as it was a busy summer day and the promenade was packed with young mums and the elderly.

“I shouted at him to slow down,” said Mr Saunders. “ I had to take a step back and place two hands |on him to stop him cycling into |me.”

Mr Saunders says Rowntree shouted an expletive towards him, then cycled on for about 20 yards before skidding around 180 degrees and racing back towards him.

“Then he did exactly the same, skidded his back wheel around 180 degrees. I had to jump out of the way, but it made contact with my shins.

“If I hadn’t jumped out of the way, it would have probably broken both my legs,” said Mr Saunders.

Defending, Mark Hensleigh said his client’s mountain bike had made no contact with the seafront boss.

He told Mr Saunders: “My client says as he went past you pushed against him.”

Minutes later, after Mr Saunders contacted colleagues, PCSO Ward rushed to a set of barriers that had been hastily erected in a bid to stop Rowntree.

She said: “I asked him to stop, I held up my hand.

“He came towards me and shoved me off with his left arm. He shoved me on my hand with such force it almost caused me to fall over.

“I was fearful – I didn’t know what else he would do, if he would strike me.”

However, Mr Hensleigh told the court: “My client says he accepts he went through the barrier, but simply rode through and made no contact with anyone at all.”

Police eventually stopped the cyclist as he was spotted riding |back along the promenade about an hour-and-a-half later, the court heard.

Rowntree denies all charges. The case was adjourned until a date to be confirmed.