A COUNCILLOR has demanded to know why councillors were not informed of an investigation after pornography was found on a council laptop computer used by Bournemouth Council leader Stephen MacLoughlin.

Addressing Bournemouth full council meeting last night Cllr Derek Borthwick asked if the Cabinet or other councillors had been aware of a meeting held earlier this year over the issue.

He also asked why the decision was taken not to refer the matter to the Council Standards Committee.

Cllr David Shaw asked deputy leader Cllr John Beesley: “Can you give me one good reason why he (Cllr MacLoughlin) should not stand down with immediate effect along with yourself, and the whole of the Cabinet that condoned his actions.”

Councillors heard that Cllr MacLoughlin was not at the full Council meeting as he is currently on holiday with his family.

Cllr Beesley told the meeting that the Cabinet only learned about the issue last Tuesday October 20 adding: “I have not asked other members and cannot be expected to respond further on behalf of the leader”.