IF bad weather had not scrubbed the launch at Cape Canaveral on Tuesday, October 27, all eyes would have been on the rocket-testing technology that could eventually lead to a another manned space flight to the moon.

All eyes that is, apart from some in Bournemouth where, it seems, cameras have been squinting down on motorists caught up in the chaos around Kings Park.

It’s not the council’s fault that Network Rail is carrying out repair work on the Ashley Road bridge. It’s not the council’s fault that the nine-week closure of Ashley Road is taking place at this time of year. Or that some drivers seem not to see the warning signs.

But whatever the reason, sense seems to be a scarce commodity in easing the chaos.

Common sense tells me that the sensible thing would be to allow cars, and not just buses, through Kings Park. After all, until January 8, 1989 when it ceased to be a through road, isn’t that what happened?

A council, however, can’t be seen to allow laws to be broken, so it has to take action.

But why go to the trouble of putting up cameras at a Kings Park entrance to catch people out over a brief period of nine weeks?

Up to now, the council has only issued warning signs to caught-out motorists.

But if they start fining people £70 then they will be accused of greedy cynicism.

It’s now 40 years since we first put a man on the moon. If Bournemouth council elects to cash in on the chaos, there will be a lot of angry drivers suggesting a few council officers who should be put up there with him.