TWENTY FIVE years after his death, comedy genius Eric Morecambe is still revered as a national treasure.

Within seconds of actor Bob Golding taking the stage in this astonishing one-man tribute, the audience were howling with laughter.

But despite Golding’s undoubted brilliance, you knew it was actually Morecambe that they were laughing at.

This show doesn’t just conjure up golden memories, it delivers the entire Eric Morecambe story from his working class Lancashire childhood through the 40 plus years of his hugely successful double act with Ernie Wise to his untimely death from heart disease in 1984 at the age of just 58.

Written by Tim Whitnall and directed by Guy Masterson, it is an extraordinary story that charts the relentless rise and occasional wrong turn taken by the most loved and admired comedians of their generation.

Golding was superb, playing not only Eric but everyone from cigar-chomping agents to scriptwriters and anxious mums and dads. His performance, aided by some extremely clever props, evoked the look the sound and spirit of the irrepressible Morecambe and his circle with verve and affection.

It showed a man driven as much by his insecurities as his innate brilliance.

At times it was poignant but never descended into the mawkish.