HERE’S one way of getting the kids to eat more vegetables.

A four-year-old boy opened his packet of crisps only to find a whole potato inside – very much unchipped.

Adam Brazier, from Wallisdown in Bournemouth, was given the McCoys salt and vinegar crisps from a multi-pack bought at Lidl.

Mum Lucy Brazier, 30, a nursery worker, said: “He suddenly started going: ‘Eeh, eeh!’.

“I looked and the potato was literally all that was in there.

“It looks like one of those frozen potatoes.”

She added: “We’ve written to McCoys to say it has put us off buying their products.”

Dad Scott, 33, an IT worker, said: “They advised us to return the packet but before we did that we thought readers might find it amusing.”

Adam, who is just about to start at St Mark’s C of E Primary School, was undaunted by his encounter with the small fry.

A spokesman for brand owners United Biscuits said: “We are sorry to hear of the complaint.

“As a responsible food manufacturer, we take the quality of products extremely seriously and have stringent quality procedures in place.

“We have clearly established procedures to help our investigation.”