ANGRY motorists face hefty repair bills after a night of catapult madness in Poole.

Thirteen parked cars in Oakdale and Parkstone had their side windows and windscreens smashed out by thugs, who police think were firing from a moving car.

Victim Michael Evans, who was left to clear glass from baby toys in the back of his damaged VW Golf following the Saturday night attack, said it was a “mindless act”.

The attacks happened in Uppleby Road, Churchill Road, Livingstone Road, Dale Valley Road, Foxholes Road and Ringwood Road.

“The episode was heartbreaking for my wife,” said the 30-year-old Mr Evans. “She’s 27 weeks pregnant and we had loads of new baby equipment in the car at the time, so have tiny shards of glass in the car seat and pushchair.”

The married dad-of-one, who paid £172 to replace the rear windscreen, added: “I spoke to a guy at Autoglaze and he said he’d seen a lot of people that day with the same problem.

“I assumed it was a catapult because of the force it went through the windscreen. All the cars seem to be done on the left side of the road, so I’m guessing they are driving around doing this.”

When he drove around the Oakdale area after discovering the damage, he noticed smashed glass all over the road.

“Hopefully the police will catch the idiots that have been doing this,” he added.

A Dorset Police spokesman said the damage was done to the parked cars on the road side, indicating the possibility they were damaged by people travelling around in a vehicle.

The spokesman said: “Stones were used in a catapult or something similar.”