A message from an alien race or just a freak meteorological phenomenon?

Whatever the reasons one Christchurch resident says he is keeping an open mind about how a crop circle came to appear in the fields behind his house.

The design, which is reminiscent of a compass, is fairly simple compared with some more elaborate formations.

Peter Hammond, who lives in Hinton near to the Old Vicarage said he’s never seen anything like this in the neighbouring cornfields.

His wife Jacqui spotted the unusual symbol on Sunday morning after a lashing of rain during the previous evening.

“Ultimately it could be local children who are doing it for some fun, but who knows? I’m keeping an open mind, plus I think we would have seen or even heard them out there.

“We never see anyone out there except when they come and harvest it. It’s really quite interesting.”

Some of the theories behind crop circle formations include a whirlwind, earth energies, underground archaeological circumstances, hoaxes, military experimentation and alien invasion.

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