A GREYHOUND trainer from North Dorset has been asked to make improvements and cut dog numbers at her kennels.

Eve Blanchard, a licensed trainer with links to Poole stadium, has more than 30 dogs at her kennels at Shillingstone.

The Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) has confirmed that it is working with her on “remedial, specific improvement work” to ensure the kennels are up to standard, and that she had been required to “substantially reduce” the number of animals in her care.

The news comes after former kennel hand Neil Haine, 40, went public with video diaries and photographs taken from inside the kennels, through greyhound protection group Greytexpliotatios.

He made a number of accusations about the animals’ care – all of which Ms Blanchard strongly denies.

Ms Blanchard, 74, who has almost 30 years’ experience as a trainer, told the Echo: “The dogs are so well and so happy.”

She confirmed structural improvements were being made, including to the roof of the kennels.

A GBGB spokesman said Ms Blanchard had been given a grant to make the improvements and she was being given help re-homing retired animals.

He added GBGB made regular visits “to oversee the improvements and ensure the welfare of her greyhounds”.

The RSPCA said it had made numerous visits to the kennels since January and continued to monitor them. A spokesman for the animal charity said the inspector had found “no problems with their condition or hygiene” and that “air flow is greatly improved and roof replacement is planned to increase the light”.

She added the kennels met requirements but were “not as big as the RSPCA would like them to be”.