WHEN Swanage Town and Herston football club player Jamie Holland lost a bet that he'd be the season's top goal scorer, he was ready to take his punishment.

He'd promised fellow striker Aaron Corby he would run into Swanage wearing just his underwear before the club’s presentation night at Days Park.

The manager and his squad were planning to accompany Mr Holland and use the opportunity to raise the club’s profile in the community.

But Swans were left disappointed after Dorset Police advised them to forget the idea.

Manager Jason Phillips said: “The police came up in the afternoon and stopped the bet from going ahead.

“I can’t believe it. This is a beach town and you see worse things on the beach.

“They said ‘we’re advising you not to go ahead with it, in case we have any complaints.’ “We did what they said but are they going to ask someone in a speedo on the beach to cover up?”

He added: “It is political correctness gone mad.

“It was just an attempt to raise publicity for the club and the town.”

Inspector Chris Weeks, Dorset Police’s Purbeck section commander, said: “A Police Community Support Officer with the Swanage Town Centre Safer Neighbourhood Team spoke with the club.

“He explained that good natured events of this type have the potential of getting out of hand and he advised the club the runner should wear shorts.”

Mr Phillips said the town may still see some scantily-clad Swans this summer.

He said: “We’re putting a float in this year’s carnival and it will be a Baywatch theme.

“There will be some ugly looking blokes on parade in bikinis.”