DAILY Echo readers have welcomed the news that controversial council transport boss James Duncan is to have his contract terminated.

Bournemouth council leader Stephen MacLoughlin confirmed on Friday that the authority would not continue to pay an agency £200,000 a year for the £50,000 transport services manager post.

He also ordered a review of all town hall staff.

Fedupwithjobsworths, from Moordown, added: “We are not building any new roads in Bournemouth and the council sold off Yellow Buses a few years ago, so what exactly does a ‘transportation services manager’ do?

“Bournemouth’s council officers try to justify their existence by making the simplest of tasks sound as complicated as possible.

“I’m sure there are plenty of bright young graduates coming out of Bournemouth University who would be more than capable of taking on this job (after minimal training) – and for half the present £50K salary.”

Maximus, from Weymouth, took a sceptical view of the notice period required, commenting: “The council has to give 28 days notice to end its deal with the recruitment agency Penna plc, but it will not do this until it has a suitable replacement in sight. That could be forever.”

And sodemall, of Christchurch, said it was too little, too late: “Too late to shut the stable door, horse has bolted.”

At bournemouthecho.co.uk, gordonfong, of Southbourne, said: “Let’s see if they can get someone permanent for that role first as they couldn’t last time. Sometimes the people with the best experience simply do not want to be a permanent part of the public sector.”

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