TASTELESS and sexist, or a bit of cheeky fun? Either way this saucy advert on the back of a bus is raising eyebrows in Poole.

It features a bikini-clad babe, along with the catch line “It’s the ride of your life!” and a mock disclaimer – “If this advert affects your driving then get off the road and jump on the Rossmore Flyer.”

It can be seen on the back of the number 8 bus, or Rossmore Flyer, servicing Rossmore and Parkstone, which was known historically as the “Monkey’s Hump and Heavenly Bottom Express.”

And it has been causing quite a stir.

Cllr Elaine Atkinson, portfolio holder for health, housing and wellbeing at Poole council, said: “It’s just so sexist – you’d expect to see it outside a pole dancing club or a sex shop. I’m absolutely stunned and I’m offended and I don’t think I’m sensitive.”

Alderney ward councillor Lindsay Wilson was so shocked she complained to transportation services.

She said: “I think it’s totally inappropriate and I don’t really want it driving around the community.

“I think it’s seedy and tasteless.”

She added: “There is a time and place for this sort of thing – and this isn’t it.”

But fellow ward councillor Tony Trent described it as “a little bit cheeky but still on the tasteful side.”

He added: “You could say it might be a little bit close to the knuckle but I think most people will find it witty and amusing. It’s certainly an unusual way to promote a bus.”

Mark Self, managing director for Roadliner Passenger Transport which provides the service, was the brains behind the advert.

He said he wanted to design “something off the wall and unusual” which would “raise eyebrows and raise awareness of our company.”

And he insisted customers “think the world of it”, adding: “Some of our users are pensioners well into their 90s who joke ‘that’s just what I looked like when I was young.’ They absolutely love it.”

He said the poster campaign had been such a success he was planning to follow the Women’s Institute “calendar girls” with his own version featuring Roadliner staff.

“I’m even going to be Mr January!” he added.