PUBLIC feedback on Bournemouth’s town centre master vision has revealed a strong desire for the town to shed its “cheap and tacky” image.

In a major consultation exercise on how the town centre should be developed, all-weather family attractions emerged as residents’ number one priority.

Quality buildings and public space came second, with retail regeneration third. Unsurprisingly, an increased number of homes was consistently the least important.

The report presented to councillors highlighted a “widespread and strong desire” for Bournemouth to recapture its status as a quality place to live and visit.

It added: “There was a feeling that much of Bournemouth has become ‘cheap and tacky’ and renowned for little more than its drinking/ nightlife culture.”

More than 56 per cent of respondents welcomed the concept of botanical gardens, 48 per cent wanted an art gallery or performance area and 40 per cent liked the idea of a treetop walkway in Bournemouth Gardens.

Opinion was divided on how to improve the flyover at Pier Approach, with 34 per cent in favour of improving its appearance and 26 per cent favouring removal.

Deputy leader of the council, Cllr John Beesley, said: “The consultation brought overwhelming calls for quality.

“We’re very aware that parts of Bournemouth have become run down – by investing in quality buildings, attractions and public space we hope to attract some more top retailers and businesses.”