“Be nice to folk on your way up, you may need to rejoin their band on your way back down” – a renowned idiom now resonating in the head of Mr. Robert P Williams.

Once big business himself, the tide has turned on a washed-up Robster with his once favoured four-friend ensemble now acquiring much more media exposure than he is (and therefore winning in the game of celebrity).

It seems that endless rehab stints have stopped cutting it for the Big W as Take That come to town, occupying more magazine, television and radio spots than ever before.

But it seems the Stoke-born has-been has recently been flexing his back and throat muscles – swallowing his pride, jamming his tail between his legs, and crawling back to former best mate Gary Barlow.

The famed author of such hits as “Patience” and “Shine” has said it is looking hopeful for a few special live performances with Robbie as the quartet prepare to accept him back into their stable for a limited time only.

Such a compassionate act Gary, AND you’ve started leaving the doughnuts alone. Good for you!

Should you be currently residing under a rock (an apparently technologically advanced rock, with Internet access…) you’ll be unaware of Take That’s “The Circus” (not to be confused with Britney’s present release “Circus”, a title of such epic proportions that it had to be used twice in the space of a week) asserting itself as the UK’s current number one best-selling album.

Sometimes nice guys finish first.