PEOPLE lined the streets of Boscombe to pay respects to Bournemouth's longest-standing newsagent who recently died.

A well-loved figure in the Boscombe and Pokesdown area, dozens of people lined Christchurch Road on July 8 to watch Trevor Phillips' funeral procession and pay their respects to the area's longest-standing newsagent.

The procession made its way past the shop with Trevor's son, Adam Phillips, shocked by the number of people who turned out to wish his dad goodbye. 

He said: "It was quite emotional. The family were in the cars behind and I think we all were totally unexpected of it, I think even the undertakers were surprised by how many turned up as well.

"It was the whole block outside the shop and there was a couple of people standing at Pokesdown station. It was a fitting tribute for him."

Adam said the funeral went smoothly and around 80 people attended the event.

Livestreamed online, residents in Australia, Germany and France watched from afar with old friends and family also attending to share warm memories of Trevor. 

Adam said: "There was one lady at the funeral who used to live around the corner 50 years ago.

"It was Christmas Eve and she came into the shop to see if Mr Phillips had any dice and he didn't so he came upstairs and gave her some dice out of one of my games.

"At the funeral yesterday, she came up to me and she handed by some dice and she said 'mum says I've got to give you these'."

Trevor bought Phillips News after moving from Birmingham just in 1959 after he saw an advert in the Birmingham Mail.

He went on to run the shop for 65 years until he passed away aged 92.

Adam said: "I don't think we realised how much he was cared about. It was more than a job, it was a lifetime here.

"For all the customers, he was a part of their life as much as they were part of his."