THE irony of Conservative supporters of our bankrupt First Past the Post (FPTP) voting system warning voters not to gift Labour a so-called 'super-majority' is not lost on campaigners for Proportional Representation.

In what was one of the most disproportionate election results ever, Labour took 412 seats (65 per cent of the total 650 seats) on only 35 per cent of the vote (which, if translated to seats would be 228).

If we had had a fair, proportional system (where votes cast match seats in Parliament), the Conservatives would have 162 seats, Reform 92 and the Greens 46 (by chance, the Liberal Democrats' seat tally is close to that they would have received under a proportional system).

Yesterday was a clear 'no' to the Conservatives, but as to who it was 'yes' to, that's much less obvious.

The rank unfairness of FPTP is the emperor's clothes of British politics.

Conor O'Luby

Throop Road,