WORK by Bournemouth police has been labelled “exemplary” after successfully identifying a sought after offender.

The force posted on social media that on July 9 a team of officers achieved a “significant milestone” in ensuring the safety and security of Bournemouth south.

PCSO Harold identified an offender who has been sought after by a different police force, which was said to be a “critical step” in bringing the individual to justice.

With support from PC Louis and PC Rob, the offender was successfully apprehended.

The post said: “Their swift action and cooperation across forces highlight the seamless teamwork and commitment of our officers to protect our community.

“PCSO Harold always vigilant and proactive, often patrols the town on bicycle to maintain a visible and approachable presence.

“His efforts are crucial in deterring crime and fostering a safe environment for all residents and visitors.

“We are proud of the exemplary work demonstrated by our team today and will continue to work tirelessly to ensure Bournemouth south remains a safe place for everyone.

“Stay safe, and thank you for your ongoing support.”