IT HAS been 11 years in the making and at times she didn’t think she would ever be elected. 

But Vikki Slade, who we all know as a Broadstone councillor and outgoing leader of BCP Council, has finally been elected to Parliament to represent Mid Dorset and North Poole

This would have been her final attempt at running for a place on the famous green seats if she had lost a fourth time, Mrs Slade told the Echo in a sit-down interview. 

Speaking from Broadstone Fun Day – an annual event she founded in the run up to Kate and Wills' wedding – Mrs Slade said she “threw everything” at her campaign. 

Vikki Slade sat down with the Echo at her Broadstone Fun DayVikki Slade sat down with the Echo at her Broadstone Fun Day (Image: Daily Echo)

“This was the last one, I had come to terms with the fact that if I couldn't win it this year, it was never going to happen and it would’ve been time to hand over somebody else,” she said. 

“I would never have regretted it and would never have been able to live with myself if I didn’t throw everything at it.” 

It was a close fight in the end: there was just 1,352 votes splitting her and runner up Michael Tomlinson, who was MDNP’s MP between 2015 and 2024. 

“I'm so proud of what has been achieved, but it's just so weird... it's like everything's changed, but nothing has changed. 

“People are looking at me differently, they're talking to me differently. They're expecting different. But on Friday [results day] it was my son’s birthday and we did what we always do and went to a cheap restaurant, we played Uno in the pub. It was just a normal Friday. 

“On Saturday, I was at Bourne Free and today it’s the fun day, so it hasn’t changed. But I know I’ve got to do things differently; I’ve got to prioritise different things.” 

WarehamWareham (Image: Submit)

Her priorities now include north Poole, Wimborne, Wareham, Upton, Lytchett Minster, Bere Regis and other surrounding towns and villages – a challenge she is up to. 

She added: “We have lots of communities here that will want their their things sorted and it's about trying to understand what the influence of an MP actually is. 

"How can we influence? How you get those things done? How do we get the leisure centre reopened? How do we make sure there's proper funding for council? 

“Because if parliament and government don't provide the right funding for our schools, for our houses, our police and it doesn't matter how hard your services try, they're not going to be able to deliver."

But does Mrs Slade, a harsh critic of the now gone Conservative government, have any hope in a new Labour government? 

“Much more hope, and having 72 MPs, the Lib Dems can have that influence.”