FEES could be introduced by BCP Council in a bid to reduce private car dependency across the conurbation. 

Proposals to introduce travel plan monitoring fees paid by developers are to be consulted on by the local authority. 

Currently only applied in Poole, travel plans are measures taken by developers that are designed to encourage residents to walk, cycle and use public transport. 

They are required as part of any planning application for large developments such as new offices, schools, hospitals and leisure facilities to reduce their impact in the surrounding area. 

Andy MartinAndy Martin (Image: Newsquest)

Although the plans have been in place across all three towns for many years, historically the monitoring fees associated with them do not apply in Bournemouth and Christchurch. 

Cabinet member for customer, communications and culture Andy Martin said travel plans in all three towns gives the opportunity to “reduce private car dependency, minimise congestion and improve network resilience by promoting alternative methods of travel to single occupancy car journeys”. 

He added there are several large developments coming forward and mitigating their impact “could create budgetary pressures for the council unless we offset these through the introduction of a pan-BCP monitoring fee”.    

“There are also additional benefits such as decarbonisation, environmental, safety, health and well-being, which supports objectives in the councils Climate and Ecological Emergency Mitigation Action Plan as well as the emerging BCP Local Plan,” he said. 

BCP Council said the money collected from the fees in Poole fund reviews of the plan, regular monitoring and ensuring arrangements are made at the end of the monitoring period. 

By harmonising the travel plans across all three towns, BCP Council said it would also mean the periods would be the same. Christchurch is every three years, Poole every seven and Bournemouth every five years. 

Traffic in Wallisdown RoadTraffic in Wallisdown Road (Image: Daily Echo)

As part of the proposals, BCP Council is now seeking the views of residents, businesses and developers on implementing one of three possible approaches to Travel Plan monitoring fees to harmonise these moving forward, as well as the timescales they remain in place for: 

  • No charge   
  • Apply Poole monitoring fees across BCP 
  • Apply a monitoring fee aligned with other councils   
  • Implementing these over a three, five, or seven-year period 

An online survey is now live and will be open for six weeks as part of the consultation process. 

The survey, along with all the information you need on Travel Plan monitoring fees, can be found at haveyoursay.bcpcouncil.gov.uk/travel-plan-fees with paper copies available upon request at your local library.  

The closing date for completion is Friday, August 19.