TORY MP Sir Christopher Chope comfortably retained his seat for the eighth time in his constituency.

Sir Christopher polled a significant 16,941 votes, meaning he will continue to serve as a Conservative MP for Christchurch.

In second place was Liberal Democrat Mike Cox, who secured 9,486.

The triumph will see another term for Sir Christopher, who was first elected for Christchurch in 1997.

Speaking on the victory, he said: "This is the eighth occasion on which the people of Christchurch have put their trust in me.

"It is a great relief for a night that has not been good for the Conservatives."

Sir Christopher praised his wife and agent, saying she has 'stood by me through this battle.'

He also thanked his staff: "The team together is responsible for ensuring this great result today."

(Image: Richard Crease)

The Conservative MP's immediate priority was said to be 'dealing with the chaos that has arisen from the announcement of the closure of Parkfield School.'

Sir Christopher said: "It needs to be resolved very quickly and it will be my first task next week."

Another top issue highlighted by Sir Christopher is the proposed closure of Burton's surgery.

"That has been a surgery for 40 years and the suggestion that it might be a vet's practice instead is something I strongly oppose to," he added.

When asked about the Conservative result nationally, Sir Christopher said: "I am very disappointed in the result nationally.

"This has been caused by the people on the centre-right splitting. If you split in a two-party system, then it lets in your opponents.

"And unless the Conservatives and the other parties from the centre-right unite, we will find ourselves condemned for many years in the future.

"So, I plea to all those who support centre-right parties to get together and unite."

Turnout in Christchurch was 66.81 per cent, with 71,060 votes cast.


Christopher Chope, Conservative, 16,941

Mike Cox, Liberal Democrat, 9,486

Joanna Howard, Labour, 7,762

Susan Graham, Green Party, 1,900

Robin Adamson, Reform, 8,961

Simon McCormack, Independent, 1,728

Steve Unwin, UKIP, 163

Sasha Jolliffe Yasawi, Animal Welfare Party, 335

Trevor Parsons, Social Democratic Party, 59