IS IT any wonder Bournemouth Town Centre is on its last legs.

I am not a party to the discussions that may have taken place between the planning officers at BCP council over the proposal put forward by Seventa Events but reading the report by the planning officers recommendations for refusing approval for the summer event in the Echo they have proposed defy gravity.

I am sure that Ms Eden Evans the officer assigned to this application has very good reason for refusing consent because to use her own words "it has failed to demonstrate an acceptable impact on pedestrian safety".

What on earth does this mean. Pedestrians walking through the gardens are I am sure capable of doing so because even now the main threat of undertaking such a walk is from cyclists scooters and muggers who should not be there in the first place.

The next pearl of wisdom says that the venue would have a harmful impact on bus operations.

I often take walk in the gardens and to date cannot recall seeing a bus driving through the gardens which would cause an issue. Perhaps the buses run through later then when I am walking but better safe than sorry.

The date of the proposed event is from July 19 through to August 26.

The officer Evans then refers to the fact that the application has not shown an acceptable impact on flooding.

I know that we have had a very wet winter but even allowing for the climate fear mongers a risk is worth taking that even in Bournemouth it may not rain enough to cause flooding during the application time period.

There are other reasons given for refusing this application which are equally barmy. I quote "the applicant has failed to locate the bins awaiting collection in a safe and convenient location that does not interfere with bus the operator".

Are the bus drivers riding through the gardens concerned about driving over dust bins.

It gets even more stupid. The proposals fail to demonstrate that it would not result in unacceptable displaced flood risk to the surrounding area due to its location in flood zone three where the risk of flooding is high.

My sympathy does go out to Simon Brooks the founder of the company wishing to promote this venture you must have the patience of a saint having to deal with planning officers such as this.

The councillors meet on Monday July 8 to make a decision on the proposals and could I suggest that if refused they should make planning officer Eden Evans head of planning to ensure the continuing decline of our area continues.

Alan Burden

Catalina Drive