A SCAFFOLDING company has apologised after a tube ploughed through the windows of a double-decker bus.

The number 40 Morebus vehicle was travelling through North Street in Wareham when it struck scaffolding.

The incident occurred at around 1pm earlier today (July 4).

Now, Bindon Abbey Scaffolding who were carrying out works at the St Martins-on-the-Wall church have reported that there were no injuries.

Kate Vaughan, director of Bindon Abbey Scaffolding said: “I have spoken to the chaps on site, who are erecting Scaffolding on the church, and a Scaffolding tube was resting between the railings of the church, at height.

“It was protruding very slightly through the railings. The Morebus bus has pulled in tightly to the railings to let vehicles pass and the tube has damaged the upper deck of the bus.

“No one is hurt. The passengers have been transferred to another bus.

“Bindon Abbey Scaffolding apologise for the distress the incident will have caused the passengers and bus driver and are glad no one was hurt.”

Richard Wade, Morebus general manager said: “One of our route 40 buses was involved in an incident this afternoon in South Street Wareham when some overhanging scaffolding poles smashed windows on the upper deck. 

“There were passengers on board at the time, and we understand some may have suffered minor injuries.

"The safety of our drivers and customers is paramount, and we are carrying out an immediate investigation into this incident.”

Daily Echo has contacted emergency services for more information.